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Music Makers at the Keyboard

6 1/2 years to 10 years

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Music Makers at the Keyboard Classes ages 6 1/2 & up

Keyboard Music Makers 

The small group setting with peers is a motivating and creative environment for optimal growth and fun! Students quickly begin playing songs and then adding chords. Musicality is built within the child by strengthening their ear and body through singing, moving, drumming, ensemble playing, and reading and writing music.

Musikgarten materials included: Keyboard Book, CD & Digital Music File, notation games and parent book. 

15 week semester


This small group method features a variety of activities which lay the foundation for success at the keyboard, piano, or any other future musical endeavors. The 3-year program emphasizes an aural approach to music learning, a natural pathway to reading music, by building on songs children have come to love through musical games, songs, and activities. Children also learn to read music built on the strong foundation of listening skills.  

Class activities include playing on the classroom keyboard, but can also include:

  • Drumming and movement to nurture the child's rhythmic development
  • Singing to nurture the child's tonal development
  • Echoing patterns for aural development
  • Reading music, composing, and musical diction to develop music literacy skills 

Individual lessons may be traditional, but too often end short of achieving success at the piano. The group experience allows children to learn from each other, overcome performance anxiety, and most importantly, keeps the joy in making music! 


Family involvement is encouraged! Parents are always invited to observe, although the last 10 minutes of class is dedicated to allow families to join the activities to review new concepts of materials. Parents play a vital role of support and establishing good practice habits with the Musikgarten Keyboard music and books.  


Jennings Music Center (3595 Canton Rd #308, Marietta, GA 30066. 



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