The Fall 2019 Session

Early Childhood Music Classes

Family Music for Babies (3 months - 16 months)

Enjoy music-play with your baby: singing, bouncing, rocking, dancing, wiggling, peek-a-boo games, and playing simple instruments. This is prime-time for establishing patterns of language and music. Twin babies are buy one get one free up to 10 months! Musikgarten materials included: baby's instrument kit, music  & booklet.

Family Music Class: Animal Friends (10 months - 3 years)

These weekly classes are action-filled for toddlers and preschoolers - full of energy, often on the move, always exploring and learning - and their parents. Together you'll sing, chant, move, dance, listen, and play simple instruments. Musikgarten materials included: Music and booklet for home fun and enrichment.

Family Music for Toddlers: My Day (16 months -3 years)

Join the fun with your toddler in singing, moving, dancing, listening and playing with simple instruments. Movement, language and listening are developed with a music foundation. Musikgarten materials include: Music  and booklet for home fun and enrichment.

Cycle of Seasons: Wind Dancers (3-5 years)

Encourage music development at your child's peak period of music acquisition. Celebrate nature's seasonal changes through singing, structured and creative movement activities, percussion instruments, focused listening and storytelling. Parents are invited to participate with their child making fond musical memories. Musikgarten materials included: Music, listening activities and booklet in cloth pouch.

Music Makers Instrumental Prep Class

Prepare your child for instrumental study by developing rhythm and pitch in your child's first instrument - ears, body, voice.

Music Makers at Home: My Home Place - Woodlands (age 4-6)
Music literacy is developed through song, musical games, circle dances and movement to express music and stories. By the end of the school year, your child will be reading and writing rhythms and tonal patterns! Musikgarten materials included: two sets of cultural folders, each with music  and notation cards.

Music Makers Around the World (ages 5-7)

This class prepares your child for playing piano, band or orchestral instruments in the near future. Students sequentially build music literacy through singing, instrument ensembles including: glockenspiels, resonator bars, keyboard and rhythm instruments. Your child's musical ear and voice develop as we explore cultures through music, stories, famous people and dances. Musikgarten materials included: two sets of cultural folders, each with music and notation cards.

Music Makers at the Keyboard Classes ages 6  1/2 & up

Current students continue in the second book, becoming more versatile playing familiar songs in different keys, adding chords and moving outside of the five-finger position. Musicality continues to be built within the child by strengthening their ear through singing, moving, drumming, ensemble playing, reading and writing music. New students begin in the fall semester. Musikgarten materials included: Keyboard Book, music, notation games and parent book.

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Day & Time Course Unit Ages Teacher Location Price  
Sat at 10:15 AM starts 9/7/19 Family Music 15 Weeks at Jennings 10m-3 Krista Jennings Music $240.00 Register!
Sat at 10:15 AM starts 11/2/19 Family Music 1/2 Semester at Jennings 10m-4 Krista Jennings Music $150.00 Register!
Tue at 3:30 PM starts 9/3/19 Music Makers Classes Music Makers at Home, 15 weeks 4-6 Laurie Jennings Music $311.00 Register!
Tue at 3:30 AM starts 10/29/19 Music Makers Classes Music Maker-Home, 1/2 Semester 4-7 Laurie Jennings Music $170.00 Register!
Wed at 5:00 PM starts 9/4/19 Keyboard Classes Book 3 6.5-10 Jan Jennings Music $373.00 Register!
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Family Music Class
10 months to 4 years
Music Therapy Individual Sessions
3 months to 18 years
Free Classes
4 months to 10 years
Music Makers Instrumental Prep
4 years to 7 years
Music Makers at the Keyboard
6 1/2 years to 10 years